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Sports and Fitness Center

Total cost of project, rubles

Description of the project --- Creation of the sports and fitness center at the territory of the existent eco-park “Zapovedny bor”. The center is a modular building comprising recreation ground, fitness center dedicated for the rehabilitation of the patients, doctor’s offices, and a café for 50 people. The center is suitable for holding sports events in Tchemaksky district (it’s one of a kind).

Contacts ---

Municipality --- Tchemalskiy district

Total cost of the project (rub)--- 7000000,00

Name of the organization --- Individual entrepreneur A.S. Pechenkin

Organization information --- Individual entrepreneur A.S. Pechenkin Eco-park “Zapovedny bor” Tchemalskiy district

Contact information --- Individual entrepreneur Aleksey Sergeevich Pechenkin

Altai Republic, Tchemalsky district, 1,2 kmaway from the village of Askat to the village of Anos. Website: ZAPBOR.RU, tel.89232230052, E-mail: a9232230052@mail.ru. Youtube: Заповедный бор Чемальский район

Term of the project (years) --- 2

Payback period of the project (years) --- 5

New Jobs --- 15

Social performance of the investment project --- High. Development and promotion of sports practices on the territory of Tchemal district

Project implementation stage ---- construction

Own funds --- 50%

Borrowed funds --- 0

Required investments (rub) --- 4000000,00

Possible investment schemes – borrowed and own funds

Assimilated investment (rubles) --- 500000.00

Possible forms of investment --- Grants, long-term preferential loans

Need for state support (indicating the form) ----

In total (rub) --- 120000, 00

Additional information --- upon request