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Nowruz is one of the most ancient holidays in the world. It has been celebrated for 5 000 years in Central Asia and Western Asia and even by East Slavs as the holiday marking the beginning of spring. This holiday emerged on the territory of Middle East before the Islam adoption. That is the reason why the holiday lacks the religious traditions and rituals.

In ancient times Kazakh people lived in yurts in the steppes. They didn’t have compasses and calendars and defined time by the position of the Sun and Moon. When the sun rays began to penetrate the yurt it was the sign for Kazakhs that spring began. Nowruz used to coincide with the day of vernal equinox.

To celebrate this holiday people started early preparations. They clean around the house, cooked delicious dishes, filled all reservoirs with milk, clean water, grains and airan to have good harvest in autumn. This day people visit friends and relatives.

Nowruz is a holiday symbolizing harmony, light and goodness, and the unity of all people with nature.