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Auto travelling Cluster "The Golden Gate"

  • Tourism and recreation

Total cost of project, rubles
1 245 200 000


Auto travelling Cluster "The Golden Gate"


Town of Biysk

Total cost of the project, rubles

1 245 200 000

Economic activities

Tourism and recreation

Description of the project

Creation of the complex providing services for the transit tourists. The complex includes catering and trading facilities, motorway service, and camping area.

The concept of the project includes providing passing-through tourists with information services, promoting traveler attractions and natural heritage of Altai region, booking and selling package tours and trips, providing high quality personal services, catering, motorway, hotel services. It also includes the sale of souvenirs, travel goods, food, pharmacy products, biopharmaceuticals, industrial and consumer goods.

New jobs


Required investments

872 800 000


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